Tuition Fees for Academic Year 2022/23

Founding Families Special Offer

To recognise founding families for supporting the school in its opening year, founding parents joining in Durham’s first academic term will now have the option to either take upto 41% off KHDA Approved Tuition Fee as Special Fees for 2022-23 OR enjoy a fixed Discounted Fee structure for three academic years.:

Option 1: Special Fees

Year Ages Key Stage

Special Fees for


FS 1 3-4 EYFS 38,340
FS 2 4-5 EYFS 38,340
Year 1 5-6 KS 1 41,040
Year 2 6-7 KS 1 41,040
Year 3 7-8 KS 2 45,900
Year 4 8-9 KS 2 45,900
Year 5 9-10 KS 2 45,900
Year 6 10-11 KS 2 45,900
Year 7 11-12 KS 3 51,300
Year 8 12-13 KS 3 51,300


Option 2: Three Year Discounted Fee Structure

Year Ages Key Stage

2022/23 – 2024/25

Discounted Fees

FS 1 3-4 EYFS 42,600
FS 2 4-5 EYFS 42,600
Year 1 5-6 KS 1 45,600
Year 2 6-7 KS 1 45,600
Year 3 7-8 KS 2 51,000
Year 4 8-9 KS 2 51,000
Year 5 9-10 KS 2 51,000
Year 6 10-11 KS 2 51,000
Year 7 11-12 KS 3 57,000
Year 8 12-13 KS 3 57,000

* Year 9 Opening in 2023 (as per KHDA’s approval)

The Durham way

Our core values include Moral integrity, Ambition, Respect and Kindness (MARK). At Durham School Dubai, our staff live by these values and develop them within each child. We want our students to have the integrity to make the right decisions and be ambitious in everything they do. We teach students to be responsible, look after and be kind to each other, and always do the best for themselves and our school.

We offer a fun, motivating and engaging learning experience that drives your child to succeed and prepares him or her for life after school. Teachers at Durham School Dubai:

  • Build your child's social and emotional confidence.
  • Stimulate your child's thinking while challenging their creativity and imagination.
  • Are highly trained and from the UK, with the right experience to bring out the best in your child and help them shine. 
  • Are carefully hand-picked and have a successful track record of success with student growth and achievement.

Take a tour and discover the world-class facilities that await your child at Durham School Dubai.

At Durham School Dubai, we are committed to providing your child with a complete education that is built upon 6 centuries of academic excellence met with 21st-century technology.

Our highly experienced teachers, school environment and facilities give your child all the tools they need to thrive, developing them intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically to ensure they make their mark in the world.

Why Durham School Dubai?

Quality British education


Durham School Dubai offers the English National Curriculum and an extensive co-curricular programme which includes music, sports, the arts, and academic opportunities. As a branch school of the esteemed Durham School UK founded in 1414, we follow the 600-year tradition of offering a complete education that instils an aspiration for lifelong learning and achievement, respect for others and the world around them, and a "Confidence for Life."

Convenient location

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Located in Dubai Investments Park, Durham School Dubai offers a central location that’s a mere 20-minute drive from a number of populous residential communities. It’s also a convenient 5-minute walk from the DIP metro station, making it accessible to students who’d like to walk to school as part of our green credentials.

Confidence for life


At Durham School Dubai, everything we do is designed to instil a "Confidence for Life." We develop your child's unique abilities and talents while equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. We are committed to guiding your child through their journey at school while preparing them for university and life thereafter.

Our School

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Exceptional school facilities

Our school features a variety of premium-quality facilities including an indoor swimming pool, a multi-purpose sports hall, libraries for primary and secondary school students, a music performance hall, dining hall, auditorium, music performance hall, and sports facilities.