600-Year History of Academic Excellence

Drawing on the decades of knowledge and expertise of the mother school, Durham School Dubai is a true extension of the original UK-based Durham School where esteemed British education meets modern-day facilities.

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Why Durham School Dubai?

A Durham education is one that inspires, nurtures and encourages its students through the provision of the finest quality teaching coupled with extensive opportunities to enable our students to achieve. Our teaching encourages our students to think creatively, to apply knowledge and skills successfully and imaginatively, and to constantly challenge themselves whilst building ‘Confidence for Life’ in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Durham School Dubai is committed to delivering an education that is engaging, challenging, motivating and fun. Using a holistic approach to education, our students learn through stimulating and creative experiences, in the classroom and beyond, in lessons and co-curricular activities. We aim to ensure that every Durham student’s experience of school is positive and productive laying the foundation for academic success, coupled with the social confidence and competence required to make their way in the world.

Durham School Dubai is committed to providing our pupils with a complete education; one that is built upon six centuries of experience yet relevant to the 21st century. Durham School Dubai provides all the elements your children need to thrive. Our highly skilled and experienced staff will help your children develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and culturally ready and able to make their mark upon the world.

Mr Mark Atkins

Principal, Durham School Dubai


Within a community shaped by moral integrity and kindness, Durham School Dubai aims to cultivate responsibility and ambition to ensure that every student can thrive, be happy, and make a positive mark in the world.


Durham School Dubai’s mission is to provide its students with a complete education; one which instils in them an aspiration for achievement, a respect for others and a ‘Confidence for Life’.

A Rounded

Alongside our strong academic focus, Durham Dubai encourages our students to participate in an have an extensive co-curricular programme which includes sporting, artistic, academic and musical opportunities.

Durham School - 
A Rich Heritage

Durham School Dubai is a branch school of Durham School UK and we are privileged to be able to draw upon the knowledge, skills and experience gathered by our mother school over the past 600 years.


Our teachers are our greatest resource – it is they who inspire, educate and shape your children, setting them on the path to future success. There is no better way for your children to spend their time than with a passionate and caring practitioner – one who stretches and supports in equal measure.

The Durham Way – Confidence for Life

At Durham School Dubai, ‘Confidence for Life’ underpins everything that we do. We equip our students with skills, knowledge and ambition to succeed: we develop their abilities and aptitudes, we guide them through their education at school and prepare them for the challenges of university and life thereafter.

Our School


Durham School Dubai is conveniently located in Dubai Investments Park. The school property is fully built and when full, Durham School Dubai will educate more than 1,700 students. The buildings have been constructed to the highest standards with a world-class contemporary design, and the excellent facilities include an acoustically designed music performance hall, an auditorium, an indoor multipurpose sports hall, rooftop sports courts and a 25-meters indoor swimming pool.



Durham School Dubai
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    Arabian Ranches

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    Damac Hills

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    Motor City

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    Dubai Sports City

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    Jumeirah Golf Estates

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    Green Community

Durham School Dubai is strategically located within the catchment area of many populous communities.

The school is easily accessible from the D57 highway, which conveniently links to the E311 and D54; and is walking distance from DIP metro station.